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Xiaomi Redmi & MI-3 selling in Singapore with a crazy price tag

Image credit: Xiaomi Singapore Facebook

Finally it is here! I first mentioned Xiaomi's plan to extend to overseas markets in my review on Xiaomi MI-2. Few days ago, the mid range Android phone, Redmi has been selling in Singapore. With the price tag of just SGD 169 (~ RM 439) and the nearing-to-high-end specifications, it is not surprising that Redmi is sold out in 8 minutes. You can read the review by CNET here. In conjuction with this launch, Xiaomi Singapore site has been set up with web store selling Redmi accessories.

To me, the interesting news is Xiaomi MI-3, the flagship phone by Xiaomi, will be launching on 7 March in Singapore for a rock-bottom price of SGD 419 (~ RM 1088). Similarly, you can read Xiaomi MI-3 review by CNET here. If you understand Mandarin, you should watch the video review by Zealer.

With my pleasant experience with Xiaomi MI-2, I could foresee the success of Xiaomi in Asian markets.


To the Moon available now in Humble Indie Bundle X

What if you are given a chance to relive your life to fulfill the one wish you always desire, but it is also the last thing you will do? At first, I thought To the Moon is another attempt on the recurring time travelling theme, but tons of positive reviews on this 2011 game encourage me to at least give this game a try. Oh boy, I am glad that I was dead wrong.

To the Moon is probably the best adventure game I have ever played. Not only the story is great and heartbreaking, the amount of details the developer (Kan Gao, Freebird Games) put into the story is superb as well. All I can say without spoiling the story is everything make sense at the end. Please do not let the dated graphics and lack of gameplay element blind you. I would advise you to run this game in one run to fully enjoy the story. People usually took 3 to 4 hours to finish the game, but the perfectionist in me extend the hours to about 6.

Furthermore, with the introduction of Humble Indie Bundle X, To the Moon is now available on Mac and Linux. All of the games in Humble Bundle X is available DRM-free and pay-as-you-want, with payment above USD 1 gives you access on Steam. I would dare say that To the Moon is already worth more than 1 dollar itself.

PS You could look forward to A Bird Story by the same developer.


Is There Any Deal?

Steam is renowned for giving deep discount on digital games. Many gamers like myself have always hold our buying urge and waited for Steam Sales. Seeing the success of Steam, many similar digital content distribution stores have emerged in recent years. Online retail giant like Amazon has also joined the bandwagon, and is often giving away great discounts, which sometimes besting Steam sales, on digital games. You also have GOG.com, a place to get classic video games at a cheap price. Not forgetting Humble Bundle, offering awesome time-limited and pay-what-you-want game bundles.

If you are a person who like to compare prices among different shops before buying anything, but do not want to tediously browsing through each and every game distribution platform out there, IsThereAnyDeal.com is a fantastic platform when you want to shop for games. It is a simple and neat website that automatically searches for deals on different digital distribution shops, even some I have not heard of before. It also support sign-in through Steam, and Steam wait-list import function. Oh, also visit the link to current indie game bundles on my main page!


Upgrading PlayStation 4 Hard Disk Drive

Have you gotten your hand on the newly released PlayStation 4? Are you satisfied with the rather small hard drive? (PS4 comes with 500GB 5400RPM SATA II hard drive, and a typical game can take up tens of GB in space, list of launch games with their size.)

Here is an article that described the steps to change the default hard drive to a 256GB solid state drive. The user claimed that the full boot speed has decreased by 11 seconds to 16 seconds. Other reported improvements include a five-folds increase of game installation speed and smoother movie and cut scene playback.

You might ask "will it void the warranty?" According to forums and ultimate FAQ by Sony America, the answer is no. One thing to note that Sony does not officially support a higher RPM hard drive.

Thanks Terence for the tip!